Real estate information is everywhere

About two decades ago, the Multiple Listing Service™ and IDX leveled the playing field for real estate content. With the same listings available to consumers on thousands of public-facing websites — alongside info about schools, local attractions, crime, transit, recent sales, etc. — real estate professionals were left to compete in three areas:

  1. Sales and marketing to generate, respond, and nurture opportunities
  2. Relationships, experience, and local insight to guide home buyers & sellers through transactions
  3. Technology to make everything smoother

In recent years, real estate portals and tech companies entered the market to compete with traditional brokerage and mortgage companies, with a bend toward winning on #1 and #3. The strategy has proven successful, and industry disruptors have steadily gained market share.

Milestones hubs: a safe place for you and your clients, without all the noise

Today’s brokerage has a variety of agent productivity tools, including websites, CRM, document management, CMA, lead generation, etc. What’s been absent from the tech stack is the thing that arguably matters most: a client-focused platform for delivering the customer experience.

It’s not your CRM. It’s not your website, either. Nor is it your compliance checklists. It’s something different. We call it real estate hubs.

The idea behind a Milestones hub is simple: it’s a central place for each client — and all the other parties in the transaction — to collaborate and get stuff done.

  • Not sure which neighborhoods to consider?
  • Wondering how much you can afford?
  • Want to know which new listings went on the market yesterday?
  • Need an estimate for an issue that got flagged in an inspection?
  • Filling out your seller’s disclosure forms?
  • Want to stage your home prior to listing it for sale?
  • Not sure when your option period expires? (or what an option period is?)
  • Need to hire movers?

Everything you need to buy, sell, or manage a home is inside the hub, without having to go back to the Big Scary Internet, where two dozen other well-funded tech companies are waiting to steal them away.

Inside the hub, a better experience awaits

Inside a hub, you control the client experience. Real-time chat facilitates ongoing communication. Tasks show people what needs to get done when, and by whom (and how). IDX listings are continuously refreshed from your local MLS. Educational content is available 24×7. Your professional network of trusted service providers is there, too; ready to get stuff done.

Best of all, you can tailor hubs for each type of client. For example, a first-time home buyer may need a lot of hand-holding, but a repeat investor probably doesn’t. When people get a personalized experience with great service, they’re much less likely to go elsewhere.

Ready to learn about using hubs for your prospects and clients? Schedule a demo to learn more.