Home Ownership Hubs

Deliver value beyond the closing

Help homeowners manage their largest asset and solve problems, and you’ll gain loyal clients and referrals.

Give every client a homeowner portal

A central place for all things home

From closing documents to maintenance records, give homeowners a place to consolidate all things home-related.

Powerful resources to get stuff done

Help homeowners hire a plumber, refinance a mortgage, or turn their home into an Airbnb — and everything in between.

Your expertise is just a click away

Clients can call, chat, or email you directly from their home ownership hub.

Help homeowners manage their largest asset

Get home maintenance done

Create a home-specific maintenance calendar — then provide access to education, products, and pros to help get stuff done.

Fix stuff when it breaks

Help homeowners resolve issues quickly by dispatching problems to your trusted service pros.

Make home improvements

Estimate homeowner ROI for specific improvements and connect clients to recommended architects, engineers, and contractors.

Provide actionable financial insights

Track home value and equity

On a monthly basis, show clients changes to their home value and net worth.

Manage home expenses

Help clients budget for home-related expenses and plan ahead for maintenance and repairs.

Find ways to save

From lowering expenses to generating rental income, show clients how to make smart home finance decisions.

Stay connected with personalized communications

Stay top of mind

Automatically send personalized, timely, and relevant communications on a regular cadence.

Direct pathways back into the hub

Each message brings homeowners back into their portal to view content and engage.

Your branding on every touchpoint

Include your photo, logo, and contact info on every message.

Keep track of everything

View signals for future transactions

Get notified as homeowners view content, browse listings, start projects, and take dozens of other actions.

Track referrals to service pros

See who your clients enlist to get home projects done and make sure they’re happy with the results.

Send gentle reminders to re-engage

For anyone that hasn’t visited their hub in a while, remind them of the resources available inside.

Get the next home or loan

Facilitate a refinance or HELOC

Help homeowners know when to refinance their home and compare options.

Purchase a vacation home or rental property

Show clients how to leverage their current home equity to get another property.

Trade up/down to the next home

Guide homeowners to their next home based on their existing home equity, preferences, and budget.

Sell and move on

When the time is right, help clients exit their current home and move forward.

See it in action

Get a demo, then use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.

See it in action

Get a demo, then test use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.

See it in action

Get a demo, then use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.