Landing Pages Features

Generate leads and engage clients

Develop personalized real estate websites that offer true one-stop shopping — and keep you at the center of every deal.

A website for every client

Create personalized customer experiences

Create a landing page for each client or customer segment – based on timely and relevant life events, topics of interests, locations, or properties.

Publish in minutes, with only a few clicks

Create landing pages and push them to your contacts and social media; with no coding or technical expertise required.

Connected to Milestones real estate hubs

When clients are ready to buy or sell a home, they’ll kick off the process using a real estate hub and you’ll automatically get notified.

Built for conversion

Offer true one-stop shopping

Guide clients to buy, sell, finance, and trade-in their homes — with you at the center of every deal.

Tailored for each client

When clients click “Start”, they’ll get an experience that’s customized to their unique situation and needs.

All the way from lead to close

Everything your clients need to buy, sell, or finance. a home is in one central place — eliminating the need to revisit listing portals or search engines.

Engage your network

Push via email or text messages

Send clients a link to their personalized landing pages, then track the click-thrus.

Publish to social media

Drive traffic to your landing pages from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Connect your CRM databaseComing Soon!

Integrate Milestones landing pages with your existing CRM or address book and push to your contacts.

Generate new leads

Optimized for search engines

Your landing pages are automatically tuned for generating search traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines.

Connect to marketing campaigns

Connect your landing pages to paid search (SEM), social media, and other advertising.

Track and measure results

Monitor visitors and track key metrics, including conversions to home purchase or sale hubs. Coming soon: retarget visitors after they leave your landing page.

Differentiate with content

Define your strategy, then own your niche

Use articles, videos, and other media to attract new leads and nurture your existing relationships.

Load up your landing pages with great content

Our content writers, videographers, and marketing experts are ready to assist for a specific project or on an ongoing basis.

Pick your target audience and manage your advertising 

Need help allocating your marketing budget to get the biggest bang for your buck? Our performance marketing team can deliver results.

What's new at Milestones

See it in action

Get a demo, then use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.

See it in action

Get a demo, then test use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.

See it in action

Get a demo, then use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.