Real Estate Hubs Features

Close more deals, with less effort

Provide guided consumer experiences to buy a home, sell a home, and get a mortgage — and win customers for life.

Drive deals on autopilot

Seamless customer experience

Guide clients to buy homes, sell homes, and get financing; from start to finish

Everything in one central hub

Milestones puts the entire customer experience in one place — including searching homes, scheduling events, signing documents, hiring service providers, managing contract-to-close, and more.

Built for collaboration

Manage what needs to get done, when, and by whom — and keep deals moving forward. Consolidate communications, sync everyone’s calendars, and track progress.

Search collaboratively

Search Results

  • Private and personalized for each client
  • Save and share favorite homes
  • Get alerts for new listings
  • MLS listings updated continuously
  • Search by monthly budget
  • Include private listings and recent sales

Listing Details

  • Chat about specific properties
  • Upload your own photos and files
  • Schedule showings
  • Start offers
  • Connect homebuyers to lenders

Educate & empower clients

Be there every step of the way

From initial planning through closing, guide clients through transaction stages, tasks, and milestones — including built-in help and education.

Empower clients to transact with confidence

At each step in the journey, educate clients using short video clips, articles, and FAQs. Adapt our library for your own market and customers, in your own voice.

Provide answers 24×7 Coming Soon!

Use an AI-powered virtual assistant to provide education and answer basic questions

Generate income from transaction services

Embed ancillary services

Have your own in-house solutions for mortgage, title, or homeowner’s insurance? Create direct pathways to order while maintaining RESPA compliance.

Provide access to trusted partners

During the transaction, present clients with multiple options for recommended service providers in your professional network.

Track activity and maintain accountability

Bring service providers into the hub to chat, share relevant information, and complete tasks.

Manage paperwork & maintain compliance

Execute contracts and distribute documents

Embed forms, contracts, disclosures, or virtually any other real estate or mortgage document; and get paperwork e-signed.

Guide clients with built-in help

Help clients avoid frustration and mistakes by explaining forms with built-in tooltips, articles, and videos.

Automatically maintain compliance

Keep track of state-mandated disclosures and forms by distributing them to clients inside their hub.

Get from contract to close

Manage deadlines and deliverables

Manage deadlines and deliverables once a property goes under contract. Put each event, task, and milestone on everyone’s timeline and make sure it gets done.

Coordinate with lenders, insurance, and title & escrow

Create a shared calendar to coordinate the parties. Automatically assign responsibilities, send reminders, and keep track of everything through closing day.

Delegate to a transaction coordinator

Don’t have time to manage contract-to-close? Have your transaction coordinator use Milestones to manage the process, or outsource to one of our certified partners.

Integrate your existing tools Coming Soon!

Have clients self-start from your website

From your existing website, embed hooks for clients to start or access real estate hubs.

Sync your CRM contacts

Import your existing contacts, then send links to landing pages or invitations to real estate hubs.

Integrate with your existing compliance system

Connect popular backoffice systems to provide a seamless customer experience while maintaining compliance.

What's new at Milestones

See it in action

Get a demo, then use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.

See it in action

Get a demo, then test use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.

See it in action

Get a demo, then use Moxi Homeownership Portal to grow your brokerage.