Why your broker and agent websites aren’t enough anymore

Pretty much every real estate brokerage and individual agent has a website. Most have roughly the same format: listings, agent bios, community info, home value estimates, and so on. Usually there’s a registration prompt in front of the listing details — the digital equivalent of a keep of the grass sign that encourages visitors to leave and go to Zillow, Redfin, or another one of the portals.

Most real estate websites fail to impress consumers for two simple reasons

  1. Portals have better search and interactively than 99% of broker and agent websites
  2. Broker and agent websites are not customer-centric

The website that you bought or built several years ago simply can’t keep pace with the innovation of today’s consumer-focused portals. Furthermore, your website was built to represent your business, rather than a particular clients’ interests or needs. And this is where nearly every traditional real estate website misses the mark.

Your clients don’t care about you (and that’s OK). They care about themselves

The vast majority of consumers transact based on life events (e.g. new pet, baby, job transfer, retirement, etc.). Others are driven by specific interests (e.g., find an investment property), or a desire to live in a particular neighborhood or school district. So if you really want to get someone’s attention, send them to a website that was made just for them.

Build a website for every client or segment

We developed Milestones Landing Pages because personalized content has significantly higher lead conversion rates. Want proof? Look no further than Facebook, Amazon, or Netflix. These websites learn about you and tailor the content. The result: you click more ads, buy more stuff, and watch more shows.

Have a friend that’s going to be an empty-nester in 12 months and wants to downsize to a condo on a golf course? In a few clicks, you can stand up a landing page that’s been tailor made for his upcoming lifestyle change. Are you the expert in a desirable school district, because you’ve lived there for over a decade and raised your own family there? Build a landing page and refer prospective clients with similar situations there.

The process works like this:

  • Create personalized landing pages with engaging content
  • From each page, offer a one-stop shopping experience that’s as good as the portals
  • Push landing pages to your contacts and social networks
  • Point marketing campaigns (Google, Facebook, etc.) to boost traffic
  • Convert traffic to leads, then nurture them to close

To help you get started, we built an extensive library of formats, visual imagery, articles, and videos that you can quickly adapt. Need localized content created in your own voice? If you don’t have time, we’ll do it for you.

Convert traffic to leads

The call to action for every Milestones landing page points to the same place: transacting with you. When users click to get started, they’re prompted to create a Milestones hub. The hub is their personalized, private, and safe space to buy or sell a home — and like the landing page they started from, the experience feels like it was crafted just for them.

Launch a landing page in two minutes (yes, really)

Building websites isn’t innovative. What is magical is making the process of launching a portal-grade experience for each client in minutes, with zero technical expertise. Marry the build-out and management with the ability to promote landing pages to your sphere and beyond, and the industry professionals may just gain a fighting chance to outgun the portals. After all, Zillow doesn’t know what’s happening in your friends’ lives (yet), nor does the site’s home page feel very personalized.

This is your opportunity; so seize it while you can.